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My plugins for Nagios

Last update : Oct 10 2007


The general idea of these scripts is to check as many things as possible with snmp (how do you install NRPE on Cisco or AS/400 ?) : disks, memory, load, interface, running procsses, etc...

The other idea is to select disks, interfaces, process using regular expressions

- it is possible to test more than one disk/int/process in one Nagios check (ex : eth* instead of eth0,eth1,eth2,...)

- you only have to provide a unique part of the name to select a disk/int/process (ex : "C:" instead of "C:\ Label: Serial Number xxxxxxx" makes it easy to use on multiple Windows hosts).

Most of these scripts can make performance outputs.

Enjoy and give me feedback !

All code here is under GPL licence.

If you want to be informed when I release new versions,
or if you have some advices, feedback, questions, go to the project's sourceforge page : nagios-snmp

Please send me your feedback :
- Test with embeded Perl
- Test on various systems
- Bugs, advices, comments, RFE, etc...
Thank you !

Run the scripts with '-h' to get help.



- Perl in /usr/bin/perl - if not run 'perl script' or change the path in the scripts first line
- Net::SNMP
- file '' in diretory /usr/local/nagios/libexec or change the line "use libs /usr/local/nagios/libexec/" in the scripts

Configurations examples


Bundle of all plugins

Version 1.1.1 : nagios-snmp-plugins.1.1.1.tgz

This bundle contains all the plugins, including an install script useful if you have special Nagios or perl paths.


Download lasted version


This scripts checks by snmp (1,2c,3) disks, memory, swap, everthing in hrStorage table.
Disk selection can be done by perl regexp on description, index or type to select one or multiple storages.

Vérifie par snmp v1 ou v3 (merci à V. Carpentier) l'occupation des disques, mais aussi de la swap, de la mémoire, etc.. tout ce qui est disponible en snmp par la table hrStorage.
Les disques sont sélectionnables par expression régulière compatible Perl



Download latest version

Checks by snmp (1,2c,3) interface state and usage. Interfaces can be selected by regexp.
It is possible to check the input/output bandwidth and error rate of the interface.

Vérifie par snmp v1 ou v3 l'état des interfaces d'un hôte.
Ce script permet d'utiliser des expressions régulières pour sélectionner les interfaces : ex 'eth' va vérifier eth0, eth1, ...
Il permet également de lister toutes les interfaces disponibles sur la machine cible (option -v).



Download latest version


Checks by snmp (1,2c,3) the number (can be 1) of processes matching a perl regexp.
The script can also check memory and cpu usage of processes.

Vérifie par snmp v1 ou v3 (idem) le nombre de process sur un hôte.
Ce script permet d'utiliser des expressions régulières pour sélectionner les process.
Il est également possible de vérifier l'utilisation mémoire et CPU de la machine.
Il permet également de lister touts les process disponibles sur la machine cible (option -v).



Download latest version

Checks by snmp (1,2c,3) cpu or average load.
Works on Linux, Windows, Cisco, AS400, HP Procurve, LinkProof, Blucoat, Nokia, Fortinet, Netscreen,HP-UX.

Vérifie par snmp (1,2c,3) la charge ou l'ocupation CPU.



Download latest version

Checks by snmp (1,2c,3) :
- Memory and swap usage on Linux/Net-snmp
- Memory usage on cisco routers or Pix
- Memory usage on HP Procurve switchs
For memory check on other OS (Windows, AS400) see the description page

Vérifcation de
- l'utilisation mémoire et swap sur Linux/Net-snmp
- l'utilisation mémoire sur Cisco (routeurs et Pix).
- l'utilisation mémoire sur Switch Hp Procurve.
Pour d'autres SE (Windows, AS400), aller à la page de description.



Download latest version

Checks the vrrp state of all the interface of a host. You can specify if they must be master or backup.
Supported platforms : Nokia IP (vrrp & clustering), Linkproof, Alteon.

Verifie l'état vrrp des interfaces d'un host.


Download latest version

Checks the state of Checkpoint Firewall-1 modules (SVN, HA, FW, MGMT) and active connexions (tested on NG).
Snmp extensions must be activated

Vérifie l'état des modules Checkpoint Fw-1 (HA, SVN, MGMT, FW) et les connexions actives. Testé sur NG-AI R55.
L'extension SNMP doit être activée sur les modules.



Download version : 0.6

Checks windows services state with snmp.

Véifie l'état de services Windows par snmp.



Download version : 1.0

Checks css services state


Download latest version

Checks environemental status (fan, temp, power supply) on Cisco, Nokia, Bluecoat, IronPort.


Download version : 1.0

Checks nsbox vhost & diode status.


Download version : 1.0

Checks Boostedge services


Download version : 1.0

Checks linkproof NHR

Compatibility matrix :

System check_snmp_storage check_snmp_int check_snmp_process check_snmp_mem check_snmp_load

OK :
- '/home', '/var'
- 'Swap', 'Real Memory'

OK :
- 'eth'
- 'ppp'
OK OK (mem & swap)



OK :
- '^[CDE]:'


See check_snmp_storage for virtual mem

Cisco/HP switch N/A OK :
- 'Giga' : all gigabits
- 'Fast.*0.1[1234]' : checks FastEternet0/11 to 0/14.
AS400 OK :
- '-m RAM -s' to get all RAM
- 'System ASP' : Disk

See check_snmp_storage

LinkProof N/A OK N/A N/A OK

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